News Release: TV Anchor Yarel Ramos Gives Inspiring Speech to Grads

Yarel Ramos Gives Inspiring Graduation Speech - Mira Loma Students Graduation - The Write of Your Life - Women Wonder Writers

News Release: TV Anchor Yarel Ramos Gives Inspiring Speech to Grads

RIVERSIDE: On Tuesday, June 16th, 2019, Women Wonder Writers proudly celebrated another class graduation ceremony as Mira Loma completed The Write of Your L!fe. Students, instructors, school administrators, and family members alike gathered together on a Google Hangout ready to shine a light upon students who completed the course. The evening began with an inspiring speech from an accomplished guest speaker, as well as hopeful speeches from the students themselves.


Our first speaker was Yarel Ramos, an anchor for Edicion Digital California of Univision. Ramos spoke bravely of her early experiences in school and in the entertainment industry. As a young Latina from Los Angeles, she talked about overcoming adversity and work pressure to look a certain way, ultimately triumphing by staying true to herself. When describing the constraints of the entertainment industry, she proclaimed, “Create your own box.”  Students were particularly inspired by her ability to graduate high school and college early and learned new ways to prepare themselves for college. Ramos ended her speech with emphasizing the power of storytelling.


Following Ramos were student speeches. All members of this graduating class took the spotlight for a few minutes each, reflecting upon how they have grown within The Write of Your L!fe, and sharing their favorite quotes. One student described their class as a “safe space,” especially during the tumultuous era of COVID-19. This student fondly reminisced making friends in the program, and that she is emerging from this program as a better writer. Students also disclosed their dreams, including attending Columbia University, or owning their own business.


After the speeches, the students, families, and instructors all participated in a paint and pizza night. This program, Our P’art of Parenthood, is proud to connect students and families together through art as a way of celebrating graduating this creative arts course. The paint project was led by mother/daughter painters Lauren and Rosalind Garay from Original Garay’s Paint Parties. They do paint nights around the community, and have raised funds for Puerto Rico, Covid, and many other causes. 


For more information about The Write of Your L!fe or Our P’Art of Parenthood, visit Women Wonder Writers’ website.


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