The flagship initiative from Women Wonder Writers, The Write of Your L!fe™, is a 12-week program with a mission to break the cycle of victimization and abuse for students faced with adversity through cultural arts and restorative justice mentoring programs.
We bring this program to schools, correctional institutions, mental health facilities, and community centers throughout California to effect positive change on the individual level.


It is our vision to strengthen youth, their families, and the community we serve by:


  • Empowering youth to be educated, empathetic,
    and expressive
  • Cultivating awareness and advocacy towards
    social injustices
  • Decreasing student dropout rates thus lowering crime rate
  • Building tolerance and empathy
  • Working with victims to stop the cycle of
    victimization and recidivism

Meeting Participants Where They’re At

The Write of Your L!fe™ is designed to creatively engage and mentor those who have been affected by trauma, crime, or any other hardships, teaching them resilience, empathy, and healthy self expression through art and writing. We encourage participants to write their journey and overcome their past so they can become dynamic, successful, and confident individuals.



For Students, Parents, and Educators

Students who face challenges at home may struggle in the traditional academic setting. As a student, parent, or educator, this can present many challenges and questions about what to do next.


The Write of Your L!fe™ offers a safe space for students to practice healthy forms of self-expression, gain communication and cooperation skills, and learn to negotiate conflict effectively. Learn more about how you can participate as a student, parent, or educator below.



For Institutions

Schools, medical facilities, correctional facilities, and community centers partner with The Write of Your L!fe™ to expand their reach and help more of the communities they serve.


Empower your in-house facilitators by enrolling them in our cultural arts curriculum training, or we can bring trained instructors to you. Our program for institutions has served over 800 participants within schools, prisons, juvenile halls, community and foster centers. Learn more about how you can participate as an institutional partner below.



For Sponsors & Donors

Sponsors and donors allow us to move forward in our initiatives to stop the cycle of victimization, violence, and abuse. They aid us in teaching youth and their families how to transform their trauma and build resilience through writing, art, public speaking, and empathy projects. Sponsors and donors have helped us secure our learning sites, support our teachers, and fund our supply needs. We are so grateful to those who have supported us thus far. Learn more about how you can be involved as a sponsor or donor below.