Implicit Bias And Cultural Proficiency Training

Improve your cultural sensitivity with

Implicit Bias & Cultural Proficiency Training

If your agency or school already has a cultural sensitivity and implicit bias policy, is everyone trained? And is it being put into practice everyday? This support opportunity provides a way for agencies to become culturally sensitive, discover current policies, enhance those that exist, measure results, and practice them everyday.

Implicit Bias & Cultural Proficiency Training

In this 6 hour live workshop (in-person or online), participants explore the methods of teaching about implicit bias and becoming conscious of the dynamics inherent when cultures interact. Dr. Gimel Rogers also leads participants in examining their own beliefs and implicit biases, including racism, ageism and sexism, that can impact their ability to engage in beneficial conversations.
In this course participants will:


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About the Instructor

A board member of Women Wonder Writers and licensed psychological, Dr. Gimel Rogers, helps educators and organizations identify strategies for creating supportive learning and work environments that reflect an understanding of diversity between and within cultures and communities.