Interested In Bringing The Write Of Your L!fe™ To Your Community?

The Write of Your L!fe™ is a cultural arts program and curriculum that engages and mentors individuals affected by abuse, crime, trauma, victimization, and other hardships and promotes healing and self-expression through the arts.
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    Empowering the Community with

    Creative Life Skills for Rehabilitation

    We bring our signature 12-week program into mental health facilities, including mental health facilities, community centers, veterans’ organizations, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and more. The program uses poetry, songwriting, spoken word, and painting as catalysts for building resiliency and restoring hope and trust between individuals and their families.

    How Does it Work?

    Trauma-informed facilitators assist students through a transformative process for how they examine and approach life and consider different perspectives about addiction, family, employment and community dynamics. Possible art forms include visual, literary and performing arts.

    This workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of visual arts, designed for students with little or no previous experience in making art, yet wish to explore painting and elements of art, such as line, shape, space, and basic color theory.

    This workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of poetry, designed for students with little or no previous experience in creative writing, yet wishes to explore elements of writing and poetry fundamentals, including poetic structures, individual poetic voice, rhyme and free verse.

    This workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of theater (skits, ensemble monologue and/or spoken word), designed for students with little or no previous experience in performing arts, yet wish to explore elements of poetry fundamentals along with basic tips and techniques for theater, including act structure, plot points, conflict, tension, dialogue, speech, tone, voice.


    In The Write of Your L!fe™, students complete a multitude of writing and expressive art projects culminating into a skit, ensemble monologue and/or spoken word performance and publishing a group poetry anthology.

    What to Expect

    Institutions contracting with The Write for Your L!fe can expect the following:


    Your Facility Enters into an Agreement with Women Wonder Writers to Facilitate The Write of Your L!fe™

    Women Wonder Writers will establish a relationship with site staff, including any Community Resource Managers, Liaisons and/or Sponsors, meeting with your facility’s educational and program staff as well as the correction staff. Our staff will get familiarized with your facility’s unique rules, policies and procedures. Our team will also work with the CRM or liaison at your site to coordinate necessary items prior to the start date of the program.


    The Write of Your L!fe™ 12-Week Program Commences

    Women Wonder Writers will dispatch its trained and cleared facilitators on the agreed-upon start date, to meet once weekly for 2-3 hours with a group of 12 students to facilitate The Write of Your L!fe™ with a goal of building resiliency: hope, peer and family support, empathy, healthy expression and self esteem.


    Program Culmination

    At the 12th workshop, facility staff and authorized student family members are invited to the culmination ceremony, where students are presented with pre-approved printed copies of their published group anthology containing the art and writing they completed over the 12 weeks. Students perform their group empathy project in their selected art-medium (i.e. poetry reading, short play, song, spoken word, visual art show, ensemble monologue.) Growth Kits are presented to qualifying student’s family members and/or young female WWW students impacted by adversity, including familial incarceration.

    Getting Funded

    So you’re ready to bring The Write of Your L!fe™ to your site, but not sure how to pay for it? It’s time to be resourceful! Once you’re committed to bringing resources to your students to help keep them resilient, let’s look at some non-traditional ways to raise the money to fund your program.

    This is a growing list of all of the best resources to help you obtain outside funding to help you pay for programming. With a little creativity, you can apply for grants, scholarships, and donations. Most of the following resources require some out-of-the-box thinking, but in the end not only can you earn money to fund your program, but you can also create a meaningful journey out of your program that you can use for a resume, life experience, etc.



    Art Council

    The California Arts Council helps maintain California’s unique identity by investing in organizations that keep its artistic energy thriving and make its diverse communities healthy and vibrant. Program-specific details, dates, guidelines, staff contacts, and more can be found online.


    Click here to learn more



    Humanities for All is a grant program that supports locally-initiated public humanities projects. This program encourages greater public participation in humanities programming, particularly by new and/or underserved audiences.


    Click here to learn more


    The Community Foundation

    The Community Foundation Serving the county of Riverside and San Bernardino accepts competitive grant proposals from nonprofit organizations who serve the residents of Riverside and San Bernardino County during specific grant cycles.


    Click here to learn more


    Rotary Club Scholarships

    Scholarships from the Rotary Club vary. Check with your local rotary club for specific opportunities – there are Rotary Clubs throughout Southern California with many interesting funding opportunities.


    Click here to learn more



    The object of the fundraiser is to come up with a really creative or useful idea (it doesn’t have to be arts-related), determine an amount of money that you need, and if enough people donate to your cause to reach your budget goal, you get to keep the money. There are a few more rules of course, but some very innovative ideas have been funded.


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    Interested in programming to complement The Write of Your L!fe™?

    Women Wonder Writers offers additional programing designed to give students an immersive experiential experience of the root of the problems they face.

    What a community organizer is saying…

    “This group brought girls from different communities together.”


    Jessica Mojica

    Program Coordinator for Project BRIDGE – Building Resources for the Intervention and Deterrence of Gang Engagement