Program Overview


The Write of Your L!fe™ is the signature initiative from Women Wonder Writers. It’s a cultural arts mentoring program that strives to build resilience, empathy, and self-esteem in youth and families affected by trauma or incarceration. Trauma-informed instructors meet with students for two hours, once a week, for 12 weeks, facilitating healthy self expression through writing, art, literacy, public speaking, and other collaborative assignments.


The Write of Your L!fe™ empowers students to become active participants in their own learning. The program’s advocacy component includes choosing a social injustice the students care most about.


As they learn how to advocate for themselves and others, self-efficacy and empathy are natural byproducts.

Alongside positive peer support and nurturing instructors, the students learn to express themselves freely, without the fear of ridicule. They write honestly about their journeys, produce poetry and artwork, and share it in front of parents and community members. Their self-confidence grows as they become more involved in the production and exhibition of the work they create.


As they set and meet their goals, participants also learn about self management. When students believe in themselves, they are much more likely to have the confidence to stand up against adversity in the future. It’s this resilience that will help them break their own cycles of negative behavior and thinking.


Meeting Participants Where They’re At

The Write of Your L!fe™ brings instructors into educational
institutions and facilities to mentor youth, families,
and individuals affected by trauma



For Students, Parents, and Educators

Students who face challenges at home may struggle in the traditional academic setting. As a student, parent, or educator, this can present many challenges and questions about what to do next.


The Write of Your L!fe™ offers a safe space the students to practice healthy forms of self expression, gain communication and cooperation skills, and learn to negotiate conflict effectively.



For Institutions

Schools, medical facilities, correctional facilities, and community centers partner with The Write of Your L!fe™ to expand their reach and help more of their communities.


Empower your in-house facilitators by enrolling them in our cultural arts curriculum training, or we can bring trained instructors to you. Our program for institutions has served over 800 participants within schools, prisons, juvenile halls, community and foster centers.



For Sponsors & Donors

Sponsors and donors allow us to move forward in our initiatives to stop the cycle of victimization, violence, and abuse. They aid us in teaching youth and their families how to transform their trauma and build resilience through writing, art, public speaking, and empathy projects. Sponsors and donors have helped us secure our learning sites, support our teachers, and fund our supply needs. We are so grateful to those who have supported us thus far.

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