What Makes a Great Board Member?

What Makes a Great Board Member?

A good board member is enthusiastic about the mission of the organization and have an extensive network of friends, donors, and colleagues. They’re dedicated to fulfilling their legal responsibilities and have the courage to set the direction and deal with difficult issues, even if they have to challenge other board members. They must also be innovative and bring new ideas to the table.

Board members are responsible for a range of roles, from fundraising to networking to ensuring that materials for board meetings are reviewed and questions drafted before each session. The best ones take their responsibilities seriously and make a habit of being prepared for all events and meetings. They are eagerly waiting for an agenda for a board or committee meeting and are quick to read reports and other documents ahead of the meeting. They keep the dates of every meeting on their calendars and also set automated reminders. They’re a great resource for the board.

Board directors with experience often spot things that others don’t. They can help the CEO to think through the potential issues and risks that could arise from certain decisions and encourage him to look further into the future. They’re also willing to mentor other board members as well as be mentored by board cybersecurity themselves.

The most successful board members possess an open mind and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They’re willing to attend educational programs for board members of non-profit organizations, attend conferences and workshops which can help them know their roles and interact with other board members who are also learning. They’re also open to using technology tools to assist them in their work. They’re also likely to adopt a board portal that will help streamline information flow and ensure that important documents are protected.

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