I Want to Tie a Balloon to My Insecurities


I Want to Tie a Balloon to My Insecurities

Excerpt from YOUR L!FE: Young Voices from The Write of Your Life™, Anthology (to be released Winter 2014)

I want to tie a balloon to my insecurities.
I want to officially let them free, to rise and lift away.
And as they rise, I will be different.
I will be able to speak my mind on whatever it is I want.
To let go of my insecurities.
I will be able to truly be myself.
And not have a care in the world.
If my hair’s a mess or my outfit just isn’t the best.
Because it simply shouldn’t matter.
Something I must remember is, those who mind, don’t matter.
And those who matter don’t mind.

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