The Write of Your Life Launched at California Baptist University


The Write of Your Life Launched at California Baptist University

RIVERSIDE – Last Thursday night, 13 young men and women from Plan-It-Life Group Home, Operation SafeHouse and the Youth Accountability Team commenced a 10-week writing, arts and mentorship program called The Write of Your Life, created by Women Wonder Writers (WWW). The workshop was held at California Baptist University.

Co-Founder and Marketing & Advertising Director Nikki Randolph kick off the night, sharing her own personal story of resilience. Director Randolph expressed the importance of learning how to create one’s own happiness & success, which included the challenge of avoiding negative peer pressure as a teen. Randolph encouraged the youth to discover their true passion, sharing her own in helping youth realize their full potential. Randolph conveyed a powerful message to let go of past trauma, wrongs, focus on today and plan for the future. WWW Co-Founder Nikki Randolph has counseled and mentored countless youth during her work on the Youth Accountability Team (YAT) in Riverside County and through WWW programs.

YAT is a collaborative intervention program involving the Riverside Probation Department, Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office, various school districts in the County and law enforcement agencies, who together service at-risk youth.

Thursday night’s program will be facilitated by WWW Instructors and California Baptist University Sociology Students Tyler DeTrinidad, Raymond Hernandez and Tabitha Leonard. Assistant Instructor Tabitha Leonard expressed that she has wanted to be part of a program like WWW since high school. She stated, “I finally felt like I was in a place where I can make a difference.”

By the end of the workshop, the group had brainstormed potential team names ranging from “Pursuit of Happiness,” which resonated with the young men, to “Dream Catchers,” which the young women preferred. Together after some debate, they chose “Dream of Happiness.”

The Write of Your Life is a 10 week program, which runs around Riverside County and serves youth at local community centers, school sites, group homes and juvenile halls. A team of instructors coordinated by Women Wonder Writers meet once a week for two hours with the youth.

The program at California Baptist University is scheduled to conclude on August 15. WWW is a nonprofit volunteer writing, arts and mentorship organization for at-risk youth in Riverside County. For more information about upcoming events, visit

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