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What to Expect

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Correctional institutions who contract with The Write for Your L!fe can expect the following:


Your Facility Enters into an Agreement with WoMen Wonder Writers to Facilitate The Write of Your L!fe ~ Beyond Bars

WoMen Wonder Writers will establish a relationship with facility site staff, including any Community Resource Managers, Liaisons and/or Sponsors, meeting with your facility’s educational and program staff as well as the correction staff. Our staff will get familiarized with your facility’s unique rules, policies and procedures relating to multiple subjects including sexual harassment prevention, safety, attire, and emergency protocol, which are regularly incorporated into its training procedures internally, in addition to Title 15, including the rules, policies and procedures for all WWW staff who are entering or associated with the specific correction facility. Our team will also work with the CRM or liaison at your site to coordinate necessary items prior to the start date of the program.


The Write of Your L!fe ~ Beyond Bars 12-Week Program Commences

WoMen Wonder Writers will dispatch its trained and cleared facilitators on the agreed-upon start date, to meet once weekly for 2-3 hours with a group of 12 students to facilitate The Write of Your L!fe ~ Beyond Bars with a goal of building resiliency: hope, peer and family support, empathy, healthy expression and self esteem.


Program Culmination

At the 12th workshop, facility staff and authorized student family members are invited to the culmination ceremony, where students are presented with pre-approved printed copies of their published group anthology containing the art and writing they completed over the 12 weeks. Students perform their group empathy project in their selected art-medium (i.e. poetry reading, short play, song, spoken word, visual art show, ensemble monologue.) Growth Kits are presented to qualifying student’s family members and/or young female WWW students impacted by adversity, including familial incarceration.