The Write of Your L!fe A 12-week cultural arts program and curriculum that implements social-emotional learning to build resilience in individuals affected by trauma or incarceration.
Program Overview

Who We Are

The flagship program from Women Wonder Writers (WWW), The Write of Your L!fe™, brings trauma-trained instructors to classrooms and other institutions to educate and mentor those affected by trauma, crime, and other hardships through the arts.

By encouraging healthy self-expression, we promote resilience, accountability, and empathy as our program has proven effective in:


Our Partners

We are proud to be supported by some of the most prestigious educational institutions, arts and humanities organizations, and law enforcement organizations in California. Click here to learn more about how you can support and collaborate with us.

Now Accepting Submissions!

Women Wonder Writers is proud to uplift the poetic voices of our community. As our country engages in this national conversation about race, we are committed to offering a platform for our local artists and writers who are shining their light upon these topics. We invite writers to submit their writing, which will be considered for publication on WWW’s social media platforms and blog!

Breaking the cycle



For Students, Parents, and Educators

Students who face challenges at home may struggle in the traditional academic setting. As a parent or educator, this can present many challenges and questions as to what to do next. How can you give them the tools they’ll need to succeed?


The Write of Your L!fe™ offers a safe space for the students to practice healthy forms of self expression, gain communication and cooperation skills, and learn to negotiate conflict effectively.



For Institutions

Schools, medical facilities, correctional facilities, and community centers partner with The Write of Your L!fe™ to expand their reach and help more of their communities.


Empower your in-house facilitators by enrolling them in our cultural arts curriculum training, or we can bring trained instructors to you. Our program for institutions has served over 800 students within schools, prisons, juvenile halls, community and foster centers.



For Sponsors & Donors

Sponsors and donors allow us to move forward in our initiatives to stop the cycle of victimization, violence, and abuse. They aid us in teaching youth and their families how to transform their trauma into resilience through writing, art, and empathy projects.


Sponsors and donors have helped us secure learning sites, support our teachers, and fund our supply needs. We are so grateful to those who have supported us thus far, and are excited to share more about our programs with those interested in future sponsorship.

Of victimization & Abuse

Let the Numbers

The Write of Your L!fe™ programming has contributed to reduced recidivism rates and juvenile court filings in Riverside County, proving that proper resources and a trauma-informed and empathetic approach can, and does, cause long-lasting change.


We have served over 1,700 students with The Write of Your L!fe™ in schools, alternative education sites, community centers, foster homes, juvenile halls, and prisons.

Rewriting the
School-to-Prison Pipeline

Can police, prosecutors, and citizens work together to focus on education over incarceration? The Write of Your L!fe™ founder and veteran prosecutor, Debra Máres Postil, proves it is possible through community prosecution, youth programs, intervention, and rehabilitation. Watch the video to learn more!

The Write of Your L!fe™ Informational Brochure

The Write of Your L!fe™ Program Kit
The Write of Your L!fe™ Measurable Outcomes

The Write of Your L!fe™ Blog

Check here for the latest articles, news, events, and student entries from The Write of Your L!fe™ facilitators and participants.

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