Hybrid Board Meetings

Hybrid Board Meetings

With the pandemic declining and vaccines becoming widely available, many organizations are resuming face-to-face fundraising and other initiatives. The pandemic has also led numerous boards to reconsider meeting formats to ensure that board member can be connected safely and maintain momentum. Hybrid meetings for board meetings allow one member of the board members to be present in person while another is able to join via remote. This approach https://itsboardroom.com/ can be effective in increasing engagement and decreasing costs, while offering the flexibility required by a modern nonprofit.

It is important to plan and follow the best practices to ensure that your hybrid board meeting is productive. Start by defining your goals for the meeting, then determining the logistics of your meeting. This includes the location, as well as the equipment needed. Ideally, you should choose the venue that is big enough to accommodate people who are in attendance and has the necessary audio-visual technology to support those joining from remote locations. It is also essential to select the right virtual meeting software. The solution should be easy to use, and include a high-quality video conference feature that allows participants to view each other and the meeting documents simultaneously.

Disseminating the agenda and board materials well in advance is important. This will help you save the time spent trying to get remote and in-person attendees on the same grouping. It also helps to keep the focus of your meetings and ensure that all relevant issues are addressed.

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