How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

The tone of the meeting is equally important as the contents when it comes down to an effective board meeting. Board members are involved and will pay attention to the discussion if they are engaged. Use these suggestions to keep your board members engaged and running a productive board meeting:

Create a clear agenda and distribute it to all participants. Include time limits specific to each discussion item to keep the meeting moving along and avoid getting distracted. Limiting discussions to 30 minutes per session will prevent the board from getting distracted by irrelevant topics.

Make the meeting as easy as possible for your board members. Instruct them to disable any notifications and close any programs that could impact their bandwidth when you’re holding the meeting via a web-based platform. This will help the meeting run smoothly and ensure that all attendees can hear and see each other clearly.

If necessary, offer refreshments. This is crucial when a meeting takes place in the evening after a long day’s review work. It helps your board stay focused and motivated.

The meeting should begin by sharing an inspirational story that will remind your board members of the organization’s current initiatives and goals. It can also inspire them to work hard to achieve the organization’s objectives. Lastly, make sure you get a full quorum prior to opening the meeting. This is a crucial step that could have a huge impact on the outcome of the meeting. It is usually done with a roll call, where each participant raises their hand when their name is called.

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