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With the uncontrollable changes happening around them, students are having to deal with their new normal and reality – from the safety of their homes.

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Get ahead of the curve, changes and uncertainties by offering your students support they can count and depend on.
Our programs help students build resilience through five core categories:
Creative Expression: Employs forms of artistic expression such as: simile, metaphor, pathetic fallacy, vivid imagery, personification, etc.; may utilize narrative or creative styles of writing.

– Problem solving: Related to the core resilience category of skills in communication and problem solving.
– Word power: the ability to effectively utilize words to express emotions, thoughts, experiences, etc.

Peer and Family Support: Having caring and supportive relationships within and outside the family. Relationships that create love and trust, provide role models and offer encouragement and reassurance; clearly identifies key relationships and individuals that provide support.
Realistic Goals and Future Planning: The capacity to make realistic plans and take steps to carry them out; identifies future aspirations and goals.
– Hope: may demonstrate hope for the future.
– Career aspirations: may demonstrate specific career aspirations/goals.
– Sense of purpose: a belief that one’s life and future carry value/worth. The motivation that drives one toward a satisfying future.
Self-esteem and Confidence: A positive view of yourself and confidence in your strengths and abilities; may demonstrate a sense of empowerment and/or self-agency; employs key word choice to identify self strengths..
– Self-efficacy: reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one’s own motivation, behavior, and social environment.
– Self-knowledge: awareness of personal growth as well as shortcomings.
Empathy: The ability to understand and be sensitive to the experiences and feelings of others; related to core skill to develop the capacity to manage strong feelings and impulses.
– Expanded worldview: increased acceptance and understanding of various aspects of society and individuals’ relationship with the world; may demonstrate an understanding or awareness of social issues
– Tolerance: the ability or willingness to accept something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.
– Cultural awareness: recognition of the nuances of one’s own and other cultures
– Cultural competence: the ability of individuals to use academic, experiential, and interpersonal skills to increase their understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and similarities within, among, and between groups.
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