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SEL Improves Outcomes & Lives

A SEL curriculum will prepare your students for success through building resilience, awareness and empathy. Our curriculum is focused on:

Why Social Emotional Learning Matters

Unprecedented Change

Students’ lives have changed in an unprecedented way due to COVID-19. If schools don’t reopen it is estimated that 10m+ students will drop out of school.

Increased Anxiety among Teens

According to the NIH, 1 in 3 teens will experience an anxiety disorder. Between 2007 and 2012 anxiety disorders rose by 20%.

Better Outcomes

Social Emotional Learning curriculums increase outcomes for students in all measured areas, with a 57% increase in skills –

About Us

The Write of Your L!fe

10 Years of SEL Success

We know that when it comes to bringing a SEL curriculum to your school there are many options. Here is what The Write of Your L!fe does to create great outcomes and a positive impact in schools, rehabilitation programs and prisons:
Debra A. Postil
Women Wonder Writers Executive Director & Co-Founder
After spending years prosecuting homicides and participating in parole hearings, Debra realized crime problems can’t be solved with a one size fits all approach and are best solved with community support through the arts within schools and correction facilities.   She has the unique perspective of not only being a criminal prosecutor, but also heading up Women Wonder Writers, a non-profit that brings trauma-informed teachers and artists to prisons, with The Write of Your L!fe ~ Beyond Bars. Our trauma-informed instructors give students the tools to transform their idle time into opportunities to build and restore confidence through healthy self-expression.

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